We combine the benefits of medical research, mental health practices and artificial intelligence – so you can strengthen your mental and physical health quickly and easily.
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Reduce stress
Reduce anxiety
Improve physical health
Sleep better
Become more productive
Get rid of pain
Be happier
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All practices produce immediately tangible results
Confirmed by clinical studies
for 7,000+ patients
Lettie selects the best program for you at that time
becouse AI analyzes your state every day
You can learn at your own pace
Even one exercise a week will be effective
Calms you before bedtime and helps you fall asleep
Gives you energy when you need it
Prevents the cause
of psychosomatic diseases before they occur
Quickly reduces anxiety
Helps you focus
What problems does Lettie solve?
Protect yourself against negative events and people: in the workplace, in relationships, in the family
Focus on work or important issues, no matter how you feel
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Start improving your mind and body effortlessly
“Using Lettie is as absorbing as watching your favorite TV show”
Alice, beta-tester
“I used Lettie 3 times a week for 15 minutes. After the first week I fell asleep faster and felt awake all day long”
Paul, beta-tester
Complete step by step tasks. 15 minutes a day is enough for good results
Lettie for business
Lettie partners increase productivity
Let your employees enjoy the full benefits of Lettie
Lettie users are
able to make informed decisions
Lettie users are
less susceptible to
professional burnout
Lettie users are
quicker to build harmonious
relationships in a team
Developed by experts
Lettie experts test hundreds of practices from 10+ fields of medicine and only effective ones enter the application
Your personal program adapts and recommends the best practices for you on a daily basis.
Use the power of artificial intelligence to improve your experience of self-fulfillment
Scientific research
Artificial intelligence
Alexey Kormishin
Lead methodist
Methodologies & Science, Neurology, Psychosomatics

More than 7000 patients have received positive results
Our mission
To make medical and mental health practices available to all, for improving emotional and physical health
Lettie is available
on iPhone and Android by invitation
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